StepUp Solutions offers a number of courses and training opportunities, either as public offerings or at client sites. All levels and types of training are provided, from official, in-depth CMMI and appraisal method courses (licensed by the CMMI Institue) to half-day sessions on specific Process Areas.

Courses can also be customized based on your organization's particular needs and business objectives. Please use the links on the left for additional details.

The CMMI Institute's official Foundations of Capability (CMMI v2.0) 2-day course teaches the fundamentals of implementing the new model in your organization. This course is supplemented with the 1-Day "Building Development Excellence" Course. The two courses should be taken together since they provide a detailed overview of the concepts contained in CMMI V2.0 for Development and the new Appraisal Method. 

The CMMI Institute's official 3-day Introduction to CMMI for Development v1.3 course introduces participants to the fundamental principles, structure, and content of the CMMI, including the


Model-based process improvement

Overview of CMMI components


Process areas of CMMI-DEV (covering Engineering, Project Management, Process Management, and Support)

Structure for the continuous and staged representations

Next steps

Please refer to our main web page for upcoming CMMI class announcements.

A half-day or 1-day CMMI Orientation is also available for managers or other individuals who would like a high-level overview of the model.

Course Offerings

StepUp Solutions can provide this course at your facility, making it convenient and cost-effective for staff members to attend. An additional benefit of an on-site delivery is the ability to gear discussions towards your particular business environment and product domain.

StepUp Solutions also provides this course as a public offering (e.g., SPINs, colleges), allowing participants to interact with professionals from different companies.

To obtain information about upcoming classes or to schedule a class, please contact us using the form below. Or refer to our main web page for upcoming class announcements.

Who Should Attend

Systems or Software Engineering Process Group (SEPGsm/EPG) members who are actively involved in process improvement.

Other managers and practitioners who are involved in using or improving processes.

Individuals who are planning to become CMMI Institute-certified Lead Appraisers in the Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) method.

Individuals who are planning to participate on a SCAMPI team.

Course Materials

Participants will receive the CMMI: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement textbook and a notebook with copies of the course slides. A certificate will be provided upon completion of the course, and the completion will be registered in the CMMI Institute's database. Continuing Education Units (2.5 CEUs) from Carnegie Mellon University are also available.

Course Format

The course is composed of lectures, class exercises, and opportunities for participants to be actively involved through case studies, questions, and discussions.

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