SCAMPI is designed to provide benchmark quality ratings relative to CMMI models. It is applicable to a wide range of appraisal usage modes, including both internal process improvement and external capability determinations, and satisfies all of the requirements for an Appraisal Requirements for CMMI (ARC) Class A appraisal method and can support the conduct of ISO/IEC 15504 appraisals.

SCAMPI Description:

SCAMPI appraisals have the following goals:

To provide an accurate picture of the current state of an organization's processes relative to the CMMI, and

To foster organizational commitment to continuing process improvement.

The SCAMPI method enables a sponsor to:

Gain insight into an organization's engineering capability by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of its current processes

Relate these strengths and weaknesses to the CMMI model

Prioritize improvement plans

Focus on improvements (correct weaknesses that generate risks) that are most beneficial to the organization given its current level of organizational maturity or process capabilities

Derive capability level ratings as well as a maturity level rating

Identify development/acquisition risks relative to capability/maturity determinations.

Please see the SCAMPI Method Definition Document Version 1.3b.



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